European Wasp Identification Guide

European wasps are an invasive pest species in Australia that can be dangerous to people eating outside as they are attracted to meat and sweet drinks and can sting repeatedly. The EnviroSafe European Wasp Trap and Bait attracts and kills European Wasps, but not other species of similar-looking wasps.

If you have wasps, you can confirm whether they are European Wasps by answering the questions below.

Click on the image that best describes your wasp

1- Do the wasps attempt to feed on your food or drinks when eating outdoors, or do they scavenge on your pet’s food?

YES! They are attracted to pet food, or meat and sweet foods and drinks

NO! They are in the garden or around the house, but they don’t feed on our food or pet food.

2- If you can see where the nest is, is it underground or inside a cavity (tree or wall)?

YES! The nest is underground or somewhere not visible to me.

NO! the nest is attached to a structure and is visible

3- Do the wasps have black antennae (feelers) and fly with their legs held up like a bee?

YES! They have black antennae and their legs don’t dangle

NO! their antennae are not black and they fly with their legs dangling.

If you answered yes to most of these questions, you probably have European Wasps.

The EnviroSafe European Wasp Trap and Bait will catch your wasps.

If you answered No to most of these questions you probably have one of the many other species of wasp in Australia.

The EnviroSafe European Wasp Trap and Bait will not catch these wasps.