How to control flies?

How to control flies?

Flies are annoying, they carry disease and they seem to be everywhere – especially when the weather is warm, and you want to enjoy the outdoors! Flies populations can grow quickly, and when flies are everywhere it can be tempting to use harmful pesticides or fly spray to try to control an infestation. Luckily, there are many natural and pesticide free ways to help control the fly population around your house and yard! Here are the best measures to take to keep your home fly free – without the chemicals!

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Use an effective fly trap system

Using an effective fly trap system is an important part of your fly control measures. The Australian made fly trap EnviroSafe fly trap and Eco-Bait (link to products) is a completely non-toxic and pesticide free system designed to trap large numbers of flies in your backyard, before they get into your home. Hang the traps away from your barbecue and entry points to attract flies away from your living areas. Checkout How it Works

Why is EnviroSafe’s fly-trap the most effective way to catch flies?

The EnviroSafe bait is an extremely attractive formulation of food-grade ingredients that house flies and blow flies are strongly drawn to.The trap itself is cleverly designed to prevent the flies, once they have entered, from finding their way out.Excess flies are drawn away from people’s living areas without the use of toxic pesticides. Checkout our FAQ to get an answer to all your question about EnviroSafe traps.

Fly control tips for livestock producers

Besides being a nuisance, flies can also transmit a range of diseases and may have a negative impact on animal health. For example, flies may annoy poultry so much that they become irritable and this can lead to an increase in feather pecking and aggression.  The fly risk is often higher in intensive production systems where animals are kept close together and large amounts of organic waste are present.

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5 Fly facts you didn’t know!

Time moves more slowly if you’re a fly

According to research, an animal’s perception of time depends on how quickly it can process sensory information. Flies process information more than 4 times faster than humans at 250 frames per second, compared to humans at 60. This means movements and events – including an incoming fly swat – happen more slowly for a fly, giving it ample time to escape!

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Why are flies so difficult to eradicate?

Flies are everywhere! And some species are really serious problems for humans, livestock and horticulture. Communities and scientists have invested heavily in trying to eradicate flies, but it is incredibly difficult.
For example, the Tsetse fly in Africa carries two species of disease organism which are fatal for humans and livestock. 

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Where to place the fly traps


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