Introducing the EnviroSafe Indoor Mosquito Trap 


The combination of heat and humidity that is common in summer in many parts of Australia provides perfect conditions for mosquitoes to breed and their populations explode. And when mosquitoes find their way into the home, they can become a real problem, biting the family as they try to relax or sleep. Apart from being annoying, this also comes with the risk of the mosquito bites transmitting viral infections which can cause significant illness.

The smart new EnviroSafe Indoor Mosquito Trap is a small, but mighty, trap that is an exciting new addition to the EnviroSafe pest control range. It is a safe and highly effective solution for removing mosquitoes from indoor living spaces without the use of harmful chemicals or pesticides.

How does it work?

The trap has eight tiny, low power UVA LED bulbs which emit a blue light which is very attractive to mosquitoes while the whisper-quiet fan sucks them into a storage tray inside the trap. Unable to feed, the mosquitoes rapidly dehydrate and remain caught in the trap.

A low-light sensor enables the trap to start automatically only at night if required.

To empty the trap, simply turn off the power, pull out the storage tray and dispose of the dead mosquitoes. If you have unwanted moths in the house, these too will be caught by this trap.

Where to set the trap

When thinking about where to set the trap, it’s a good idea to consider where the mosquitoes are getting into the house. Mosquitoes are most likely enter the house through doorways as people enter and leave the home, which means that initially mosquitoes will probably hang around the main living area of the home.

Once inside the house, they look for quiet undisturbed spaces to rest until they find a host to bite. The Indoor Mosquito Trap can be set unobtrusively near indoor plants where mosquitoes might go to rest during the day. The trap can also be placed in the kitchen or in bathrooms where mosquitoes might go, attracted to the moisture in these areas of the house.

Given time, mosquitoes often find their way to the bedrooms to bite people while they are sleeping. Setting an Indoor Mosquito Trap in the bedroom, and running it for several hours before going to sleep, can help to remove mosquitoes from the bedroom before bedtime.

The trap is extremely simple to use.

  • Press the soft-touch ON/OFF button to start the lights and fan.
  • The low-light sensor can be uncovered if the user wants the trap to turn off automatically during daylight hours. This is a handy power-saving feature that is ideal for use if you are mainly troubled by night-biting mosquitoes rather than day-biting species.
  • A single, soft-white LED lamp can be used as a handy night light when needed.

Check the storage tray every few weeks to dispose of any trapped insects, and simply wipe the trap over with a damp cloth as needed to remove dust. Make sure you check the User Manual for full instructions and safety guidelines before use.

The EnviroSafe Indoor Mosquito Trap is so quiet that you will hardly notice as it works to remove those annoying indoor mosquitoes. What a relief!

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