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Mosquito drops are made from a food-grade chemical, polydimethylsiloxane, (PDMS) which is used in hundreds of applications including lipsticks, hair conditioners and even as a release agent in the baking industry. It is the most common form of silicone, and is an inert substance of very low reactivity and toxicity.

Mosquito Drops are added to small bodies of water in an urban setting, where mosquitoes breed, such as buckets, ponds, puddles and drains, water tanks, septic tanks and old tyres.
The substance forms a silicone monolayer film on the surface of water, which lowers the surface tension. This low surface tension drowns the larvae and pupae (the immature stages of mosquitoes which breed in the water) by preventing them from attaching at the surface to breathe, and also discourages female mosquitoes from laying eggs.
The product doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals, and its action on mosquitoes is entirely physical.

Trials have shown that it is effective on the surface for 4 weeks, except in the most extreme conditions.

Yes, silicones have a very low mammalian toxicity. Given that the amount used for the purpose of controlling mosquitoes in backyard ponds and puddles is tiny, dogs are safe to drink from treated water.

A range of studies have found that Mosquito Drops have no effect on non-target aquatic invertebrate and fish populations. These studies have included observations on mayfly nymphs, mayfly pre- adults, damselfly nymphs, damselfly adults, dragonfly nymphs, broad shouldered water striders, water scorpions, water boatmen, back swimmers, water beetles, biting flies, wasps, water mites, snails, leeches, mudfish, tadpoles and frogs.

It is currently approved by the APVMA for use on water tanks in non-potable water situations (eg for gardens), but not for drinking water. 

The product will work very well on small unused pools, but if the pool is in use and a sand filter is in place, most of it will flow over the edge and be retained by the filter. 

Silicones, the active ingredient in Mosquito Drops, are manufactured from very pure quartz sand (also called silicate). When they eventually break down, silicones degrade back to harmless silicates.

Yes it is approved in more than 60 countries.
Importantly, it has been accredited by the World Health Organization, which means that it has been extensively assessed for efficacy, safety and quality. It’s the only product with a physical action which has been accredited by WHO and it’s also the only Australian product to be accredited.

EnviroSafe Mosquito Drops are available at Bunnings, Mitre 10 and all leading hardware stores. They are also available at selected rural retailers like AIRR.