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The EnviroSafe Indoor Mosquito Trap utilizes low power UVA LED lights to attract mosquitoes and a fan to create suction. Once attracted by the light, mosquitoes are then drawn into the device by the fan, where they are trapped and unable to escape.

The Indoor Mosquito Trap is effective against a variety of mosquito species that can be found in houses. It is particularly designed to attract and trap common indoor mosquitoes such as Culex quinquefasciatus, Aedes aegypti, A. kochi and A. notoscriptus.

Yes, each UVA LED used in the trap is very low power (0.2W) and directed downwards so UV exposure under normal usage conditions is negligible. It is designed to attract mosquitoes while being harmless to humans and animals.

The Indoor Mosquito Trap is easy to clean. Simply turn off the device, unplug it, and remove the Mosquito Storage Tray. Dispose of any trapped mosquitoes, clean the tray with mild soap and water, and let it dry before reassembling. To clean the outside of the trap, simply wipe over with a clean damp cloth.

Typically, the Indoor Mosquito Trap is effective in a room of up to 30m2. For larger spaces, it’s recommended to use multiple traps.

Most mosquitoes will enter the house through main entrances. One strategy is to set your Indoor Mosquito Trap in main living areas to catch the insects as they enter the home and before they make it towards the bedrooms further in the house. Alternatively, if you want to clear mosquitoes out of the bedroom, ensure the trap is running for a few hours before bed-time and keep it running throughout the night.

No, the Indoor Mosquito Trap is specifically designed for indoor use only. It is not weatherproof or tested under outdoor conditions. Exposure to outdoor elements may affect its performance and durability. For optimal results, use the device in enclosed indoor spaces where it can effectively target and trap mosquitoes.

The Indoor Mosquito Trap is energy-efficient, consuming minimal electricity with a power rating of 2.5W. It is designed to operate continuously without significantly impacting your energy bill, but if you wish, you can reduce daily power consumption by using the low light sensor function to turn the trap off during the day and automatically turn the trap back on at night.

Yes, the Mosquito Trap is safe to use overnight. It operates quietly and efficiently, providing continuous protection from mosquitoes while you sleep.

Many users notice a significant reduction in mosquito activity within the first few days of using the Indoor Mosquito Trap. However, more mosquitoes can enter the house every day, whenever doors are opened to the outside, so it is important to keep the trap operating as much as possible throughout the main part of the mosquito season to keep collecting the mosquitoes as they come in.

The Indoor Mosquito Trap comes with a USB-A cable. You can plug the device into any USB outlet, for example on a computer, tablet, docking station or power point adaptor. The USB cable provides an element of portability as you can run your Indoor Mosquito Trap from a power bank for certain lengths of time depending on the amount of charge your power bank holds.

No, the Indoor Mosquito Trap is designed to operate without emitting any unpleasant odors. The trapped mosquitoes are contained securely within the device, and rapidly dehydrate rather than decomposing, thereby preventing any unwanted smells.

The Mosquito Trap uses UVA LED lights as a primary attractant. Mosquitoes are drawn to the light, and the fan creates suction to trap them inside the device. It does not rely on chemical baits or lures.

No, the Indoor Mosquito Trap does not emit toxins or chemicals. It relies on the natural attraction of mosquitoes to the UVA LED lights and captures them using the fan and trapping mechanism.

Once mosquitoes are trapped inside the device, they are unable to feed and quickly dry out due to the constant flow of air through the mosquito capture chamber. The efficient design ensures a humane and eco-friendly way of dealing with mosquitoes.

EnviroSafe Indoor Mosquito Traps are currently available at leading hardware stores.