EnviroSafe Latest Updates

EnviroSafe Latest Updates

Envirosafe Australia

Envirosafe Products have been in the Australian market for approximately 20 years initially selling a basic Outdoor Fly & European Wasp Trap through then general hardware & supermarket retailers. From 1995 until April 2012 the branding & packaging was updated periodically to reflect consumer demand and to progress the Logo and Packing in an evolving retail environment. The Flytrap, Pantry Moth Trap and Clothes Moth Trap were part of this program.
Envirosafe Australia
Envirosafe Australia3 days ago
Did you know Sheep blowfly are a major problem in Australia?
Managing sheep blowfly requires a multi-pronged approach 🐑 🐑

- Check your sheep regularly for any early signs of strike
- Make use of online tools such as FlyBoss to evaluate impacts of shearing and crutching time on flystrike risk and assist with the selection of the most effective control measures to apply at the right time
- Setting your EnviroSafe Fly Trap somewhere you can easily see it can assist by helping you to visualise fly activity in your local area on a daily basis

To learn more about EnviroSafe visit
👉 https://hubs.la/H0TjYB90
Envirosafe Australia
Envirosafe Australia4 days ago
EnviroSafe Mosquito Drops eliminates mosquitoes in standing water around your home. Use in areas like bird baths, water features, water barrels, flower pot trays, septic tanks and more 🦟
To learn more visit 👇
Envirosafe Australia
Envirosafe Australia1 week ago
Properties with dogs are often susceptible to lots of flies 😮
Help your furry friends and keep flies away from your dog's food and waste by setting an EnviroSafe Fly Trap in your backyard/dog run 🐾🦴
Available from your local Bunnings Warehouse
Envirosafe Australia
Envirosafe Australia1 week ago
Did you know flies reproduce…really fast!
Female house flies can lay up to 500 eggs during their life span (up to a month). In ideal conditions, the larvae hatching from those eggs can feed, pupate and emerge as adult flies within 10 days, so general fly problems can grow into really big fly problems very quickly!

Read more fly facts 👇

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