EnviroSafe Latest Updates

EnviroSafe Latest Updates

Envirosafe Australia

Envirosafe Products have been in the Australian market for approximately 20 years initially selling a basic Outdoor Fly & European Wasp Trap through then general hardware & supermarket retailers. From 1995 until April 2012 the branding & packaging was updated periodically to reflect consumer demand and to progress the Logo and Packing in an evolving retail environment. The Flytrap, Pantry Moth Trap and Clothes Moth Trap were part of this program.
Envirosafe Australia
Envirosafe Australia18 hours ago
Got big fly problems?
The EnviroSafe Jumbo Fly Trap is designed to attract and catch a wide range of Aussie flies – in jumbo quantities! 💪

Ideal for placement in areas which attract a lot of flies like chook sheds, stables, cattle yards and rural properties.

Replacement bait available in both 3 pack and 18 bulk pack from Bunnings
Envirosafe Australia
Envirosafe Australia3 days ago
Setting up your EnviroSafe Fly Trap is easy as 1 to 6 😉
Get in contact with us if you have a question about setting up your trap 👋
Envirosafe Australia
Envirosafe Australia6 days ago
EnviroSafe Cedar Balls and Rings can be used in your wardrobe to repel clothes moths and deter them from infesting your clothes. Cedarwood also fights mustiness and leaves a fresh clean cedar scent.

Made from sustainably sourced, FSC certified US Eastern Cedarwood and 100% natural 👌

Available at Bunnings
Envirosafe Australia
Envirosafe Australia7 days ago
Value for money and double irresistible to flies 😉

EnviroSafe Fly Trap Twin Pack available only at Bunnings

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