EnviroSafe Latest Updates

EnviroSafe Latest Updates

Envirosafe Australia

Envirosafe Products have been in the Australian market for approximately 20 years initially selling a basic Outdoor Fly & European Wasp Trap through then general hardware & supermarket retailers. From 1995 until April 2012 the branding & packaging was updated periodically to reflect consumer demand and to progress the Logo and Packing in an evolving retail environment. The Flytrap, Pantry Moth Trap and Clothes Moth Trap were part of this program.
Envirosafe Australia
Envirosafe Australia1 day ago
Need to bulk up? 😏💪
The EnviroSafe Eco-Bait pack of 36 Baits is the most cost-effective way to reuse your existing EnviroSafe Fly Trap – over and over again! 🪰🪰
Once your trap is full, simply empty its contents, rinse and rebait – Easy! 👏

Available from Bunnings Warehouse
Envirosafe Australia
Envirosafe Australia3 days ago
Clothes moths can cause costly damage to your clothing 😯

Here are some tips to help if you find clothes moths 👇

- Clothes should be checked for larval damage and laundered (dry cleaned or hot washed)
- Wardrobe surfaces should be wiped down with hot soapy water to remove eggs
- Floors, carpets, air-conditioning vents, underneath furniture and inside closets should be vacuumed to remove accumulated lint
- Set up EnviroSafe Clothes Moth Traps to detect and trap infestations. Set traps where least likely to be disturbed eg back of shelving
Envirosafe Australia
Envirosafe Australia5 days ago
As the warmer weather approaches, mosquitoes become more of a problem in many parts of Australia. From nuisance biting, to the risk of contracting a serious viral disease, mosquitoes are very unwelcome visitors around the home 👎

We asked scientist Associate Professor Cameron Webb to tell us a bit about mosquitoes and how we can best manage them
👉 https://hubs.la/H0WWjvW0
Envirosafe Australia
Envirosafe Australia1 week ago
Time to catch some flies! 🪰🪰
We recommend to set up your EnviroSafe Fly Trap as soon as ambient daily temperatures reach about 20 degrees. This is when flies become active and begin reproducing.

Learn more 👉https://hubs.la/H0WWjvT0

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