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EnviroSafe Latest Updates

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Envirosafe Products have been in the Australian market for approximately 20 years initially selling a basic Outdoor Fly & European Wasp Trap through then general hardware & supermarket retailers. From 1995 until April 2012 the branding & packaging was updated periodically to reflect consumer demand and to progress the Logo and Packing in an evolving retail environment. The Flytrap, Pantry Moth Trap and Clothes Moth Trap were part of this program.
Envirosafe Australia
Envirosafe Australia2 days ago
We all know that dreaded buzzing sound as they fly around the house while you play the fly vs swat game 😯
How do you get rid of flies indoors?
Envirosafe Australia
Envirosafe Australia4 days ago
Have you ever experienced a clothes moth infestation?
If you have, you know how the impact it can cause and expense.

Here are some tips to help if you find clothes moths 👇

- Clothes should be checked for larval damage and laundered (dry cleaned or hot washed)
- Wardrobe surfaces should be wiped down with hot soapy water to remove eggs
- Floors, carpets, air-conditioning vents, underneath furniture and inside closets should be vacuumed to remove accumulated lint
- Set up EnviroSafe Clothes Moth Traps to detect moth infestations. Set traps where least likely to be disturbed eg back of shelving

Do you have any other tips? Share below 👇
Envirosafe Australia
Envirosafe Australia6 days ago
Fairy bread is native to Australia — something we can all be very proud of 👍 🇳🇿
Today we celebrate national fairy bread day, so get those 100s and 1000s out and share a plate of fairy bread. (Just don't invite the flies and make sure you have your EnviroSafe Fly Traps up) 😉
Envirosafe Australia
Envirosafe Australia1 week ago
Clothes moths can cause costly damage to your clothing 😯

Find out more on how you can manage clothes moths with preventatives, monitoring and disinfestation

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