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The EnviroSafe European Wasp Trap and Bait can be a convenient solution to annoying European Wasp foragers that find their way to your outdoor eating area. This Australian-made product has been developed and tested under Australian conditions and is highly attractive to European Wasps foraging for food.

How to manage European Wasps in your back yard

European Wasps can be difficult to control in residential areas. They build nests underground and forage widely around them, so you may have wasps entering your property, but their source, the nest, may be quite some distance away. If a nest has been identified, it can be destroyed by a trained specialist (get advice from your…

What are European Wasps?

The European Wasp, Vespula germanica, is an insect pest that was accidentally introduced into Tasmania in 1959 and has since spread into mainland Australia.  As a species that usually thrives in the cool or temperate conditions in Europe, it has established in South Australia and the eastern states as far north as Maitland in New South Wales.  …