How to control flies in your house and yard – without using pesticides!

Flies are annoying, they carry disease and they seem to be everywhere – especially when the weather is warm, and you want to enjoy the outdoors! Flies populations can grow quickly, and when flies are everywhere it can be tempting to use harmful pesticides or fly spray to try to control an infestation. Luckily, there are many natural and pesticide free ways to help control the fly population around your house and yard! Here are the best measures to take to keep your home fly free – without the chemicals!

Reduce or eliminate fly breeding sites

It may sound obvious, but making it difficult for flies to breed is probably the most important step to reducing the fly population around your home. Flies love to breed in manure, rotting food (such as meat, fruit or vegetables), damp rubbish and even grass clippings. Cleaning up after your pets, keeping a tight lid on your rubbish bin and clearing piles of lawn clippings are all important steps to take to reduce the number of flies around your home.  If you have a compost heap, avoid letting rotting material accumulate on top by turning it regularly.  This will help it heat up and kill any fly larvae and pupae in the heap.

Install effective fly barriers

Fitting fly screens to your windows and installing screen doors are a great way to let the outside air into your home without inviting the flies.  Make sure the screens are fitted to the outside of your doors, otherwise when you close your door and open your screen, you will actually be letting the flies in.  Flies are also deterred by air movement, so setting up a fan in your outdoor entertaining area can ward them away from your barbeque get together!

Use plants to naturally deter flies

Many plants have scents that naturally deter flies. The added bonus is a backyard that looks and smells great (to you, not the flies)! Herbs such as sweet basil, mint and rosemary all produce a strong scent that flies prefer to avoid. Pot them in a sunny spot on your kitchen windowsill or grow them in hanging pots around your outdoor entertaining area to act as a natural barrier!  By picking and crushing a few leaves of these plants as you walk past, you can increase the amount of scent they give off.

Use an effective fly trap system

Using an effective fly trap system is an important part of your fly control measures. The EnviroSafe fly trap and Eco-Bait (link to products) is a completely non-toxic and pesticide free system designed to trap large numbers of flies in your backyard, before they get into your home. Hang the traps away from your barbecue and entry points to attract flies away from your living areas.

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