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All about mosquitoes

As summer approaches, mosquitoes become more of a problem in many parts of Australia.  From nuisance biting, to the risk of contracting a serious viral disease, mosquitoes are very unwelcome visitors around the home.  We asked scientist Associate Professor Cameron Webb to tell us a bit about mosquitoes and how we can best manage them….

Environmental control of filth flies on horse properties.

What are filth flies?  These are the species, such as house flies, blowflies or bushflies, that use manure, carcasses or rotting organic material for food.  By moving between manure and the horse (feeding from eyes or scratches or wounds) they can easily spread disease, as well as causing the horse stress and discomfort from constantly…

Why are flies so difficult to eradicate?

Flies are everywhere! And some species are really serious problems for humans, livestock and horticulture. Communities and scientists have invested heavily in trying to eradicate flies, but it is incredibly difficult.For example, the Tsetse fly in Africa carries two species of disease organism which are fatal for humans and livestock. These flies have therefore been…

Fly control tips for livestock producers

Besides being a nuisance, flies can also transmit a range of diseases and may have a negative impact on animal health. For example, flies may annoy poultry so much that they become irritable and this can lead to an increase in feather pecking and aggression.  The fly risk is often higher in intensive production systems…